I am different than most classically trained musicians, not only do I have an unusual musical background I also voluntarily choose to be different. If I describe myself, I would say that I am a composer who observes people’s lives and makes channels to connect people through safe communication using a brave and honest mind. 


Yiseul LeMieux is a multidisciplinary artist originally from South Korea and currently based in NYC. She often uses text, sound, pictures and moving images designed and composed by herself to create an experience of collaboration and engagement. She describes herself as an observer who watches people’s lives and makes channels to connect people through safe communication by using brave and honest minds. Since she graduated with her master’s degree in piano performance in 2017, she has been creating multidisciplinary programs for children, adults, and animals. Fish Bar Over 21, a large scale installation/performance piece designed and curated by Yiseul LeMieux has been performed in multiple locations in the U.S. including Louisiana State University. In 2019 her Distance, Relationship and Response project involved a collaboration with the McNeese State University’s Agriculture Department. As a pianist, she has performed in Romania, Ireland, South Korea, and the United States, and her music compositions and other visual works have been played throughout the United States. Recently, she has published an e-book titled Welcome volume 1 that she wrote and illustrated. She has partnered with Masson LeMieux to develop an interactive application for mobile devices called Index of Heartbreak. The Ultimate Manual, her first work as a playwright, was premiered by Amplify Theatre Collective in February, 2021.