Timer is running 

Timer is running



Tangy Barbecue Sauce

Spicy Buffalo

Creamy Ranch Sauce

Honey Mustard Sauce


Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce


Tada tada  ta~

Red Onion and Red Okra 

Red Onion 

Red Onion is purple. 

Education lied.

Leave the sliced purple onion in the ice water. 

Long enough to get rid of the onion, but purple should still remain. 

Red Okra.

Red is fake.

When you cook red okra, the red runs away from the okra, or you. 

Fried okra is tricky to make. 

Do not use red okra for fried okra. 

Fake fried okra. 












Fluffy golden pancakes with blueberries. 

1. Whistle for 3 seconds

2. Preheat oven to 365

3. Imagine wild caught blueberries that are screaming 

4. Take out a dozen eggs 

5. Pour milk into a glass 

6. Drop those eggs into a glass of milk

7. Say out the word "REVENGE" 

8. Bring butter to a boil

9. Whistle for 5 seconds

10. Cool down the butter and wrap it back into the package

11. Turn off the oven

12. Imagine a wildly chopped maple tree

13. Dip a spoon into the flour bag 

14. Whistle for 3 seconds

15. Enjoy the glass of egg milk

(Revenge from the blueberries and maple tree) 




I would like to hear your opinion about recycling. 

11 years ago, I heard that recycling is meaningless from someone who was studying something related to recycling.......... (is there really such a thing?) 

He was explaining that it cost too much money to process recycled material correctly. I guess he meant the process after the recycling truck collect whatever it was in the recycling bins. I do not remember the details, but it was pretty surprising. He was saying that, giving the impression that there is no future or hope. I remember he worked so hard on his studies, working part time jobs and dating. He was dating a girl from Japan at that time. Both of them were studying English at the University International English program, and that is where they met. After a few years of studying in the US, he had to go back to Korea, and she also went back to Japan. I heard that she even moved to Korea to be with him a couple of years later. Now, they are happily married and have twin boys and a girl. Oh well, that is not true. He is married to someone else and I do not care how his life is going. However, his hopeless voice for recycling remains in my memory. Dammit.  

11 years is a long time. A lot of things have changed.

There was no smart phone and I was not old enough to drink legally. I was drinking many, many beers with Skittles. 

I want to know where all my recycled trash went. 






1. Shape 

2. Size 

3. Texture 

4. Packaging Color

5. Flavor 

6. Buy one get one FREE 

7. Cashier 

I dedicated my life to this great order of criteria/standards for choosing crackers. 







Public Park  

Public parks can be messy. 

It can be really messy, especially when the weather is good. 

It can be chaos with countless secrets. (Of course it has a trash problem too) 

On a sunny day, many people come out to the park, and when they leave the park, their secrets remain in the park. Those secrets become thinner and thinner and eventually lose their shape, smell, sound, and privacy, but that takes time.  

Personally I avoid going to the park on sunny days because I do not want to contribute to the secret chaos. 

The secret chaos effects the environment severely. Humans do not realize it yet, but trees, flowers, air, wind, clouds, and animals are influenced by the secret chaos. 


Data is 



Lemons are so sour 

It is not easy to take a big bite.  

Of course, there are handful of people around you (it is actually quite a large amount when you collect the data world wide) who love that.

Data is a weird thing.

I use data whenever it is convenient to support my opinion(argument), but a lot of times I find data (some) is wrong and unfair. 

Is there data to show how many people order a slice of lemon with their water at the restaurant only because they need to count every single tiny pulp to survive the boring company at the table. 




Community Vegetable Gallery 


How about opening up a community vegetable gallery?

No one can make any profit, but anyone can feel satisfied. 

Make sure egg plants are all eaten before they rot. 

Encourage people to dream about carrot season.