Fluffy golden pancakes with blueberries. 

1. Whistle for 3 seconds

2. Preheat oven to 365

3. Imagine wild caught blueberries that are screaming 

4. Take out a dozen eggs 

5. Pour milk into a glass 

6. Drop those eggs into a glass of milk

7. Say out the word "REVENGE" 

8. Bring butter to a boil

9. Whistle for 5 seconds

10. Cool down the butter and wrap it back into the package

11. Turn off the oven

12. Imagine a wildly chopped maple tree

13. Dip a spoon into the flour bag 

14. Whistle for 3 seconds

15. Enjoy the glass of egg milk

(Revenge from the blueberries and maple tree) 



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