Portable Farm

Here's the skinny and SENP

More than Tempestous (from Drinking project)



Lullaby was written hoping for a good day tomorrow. With sadness, burden, frustration, and anger in daily life, having a good day is uncertain.

When you do not feel in control of life anymore, fear of tomorrow(future) enters. It won't leave easily. You are hopping that tomorrow will be better.


With Pumpernickel

With Pumpernickel Audience Activity

Stretching Routine (from Farm project)

Stretching Routine

A Chicken's Day 

4AM Yoga/Stretching Routine

Breathing is an essential part of stretching. 


Fish Savage (from Fish Bar Over 21)

Waive (from Fish Bar Over 21)

P4 (Piano solo)

B1 Subway (Cello solo)


P1 (Piano solo)

K1 & 2 (Flute and Piano)